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My Trio Rings

My Trio Rings provides it’s customers with an affordable alternative to overpriced brand name and physical store retailers of diamond wedding rings. We combine four generations of diamond and jewelry expertise with the power of eCommerce to provide affordable diamond jewelry, up to 65% off retail store prices, to the everyday hardworking American. Jewelry stores hate us.

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Hatched from a Startup Weekend in Boston with the inspiration of building Jarvis from Ironman, The Zazu Mornings application combined features of the familiar bed side alarm clock and voice technology to present users with personal information that helped them navigate their day. The technology integrated a user’s calendars, local weather, deals, personalized news, and custom content and presented it through a hands-free spoken audio stream or hands-on interactive experience. Zazu was built for Android, iPhone & Android TV

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Modal Mobility

The Modal Mobility start up took shorter than a week worth of time to create. I started this project off the simple premise that there was a product that had potential. I’ve advocated for the power of before and found this an awesome opportunity to show how easy it is to prototype and test a market for less than $10.


Northeastern University Entrepreneurs Club

While this isn’t a typical startup, the challenges that were overcome were strikingly similar to those I face with new ventures – creating value with scarce resources and ample naysayers. In spring 2009, The Entrepreneurs Club had a weekly attendance of 5 members, pretty sad for a university with over 15,000 students. The problem we found back in 2009 was that many students operated their ventures off-campus, few were recognized for their accomplishments and faculty lacked the framework for helping those students to excel past classroom curriculum.

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Coop Ratings

Co-op Ratings was a user-driven community that allows a student to rate their co-ops and internship experiences and browse other people’s reviews. Looking for information on which internships are worth the trouble? Ever wish someone had told you about that difficult manager, that no-sweat interview or the numerous coffee runs? Coop Ratings was a Northeastern students best solution.